Below, you will find the classes, workshops, and guided field trips that we teach through the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville and the Sweetwater Camera Club.  Private lessons are also available.  Feel free to email Erik for details.

Technology is a wonderful thing, making our lives easier.  Just look at the evolution of the TV.  Now, we have remote controls, digital video recorders, 90” flat panel 3D HDTVs, 500+ channels, video on demand, and video on your iPad or smart phone.  Growing up with this, we adapted over time.  When someone purchases a new digital camera to take pictures of the children or grandchildren, the technology packed into the camera seems overwhelming compared to their phone.

New digital cameras can do some amazing things.  The camera can make decisions on the settings for “proper” exposure and make decisions on how the end picture should look.  This works for a while.  Eventually, you will start to see pictures coming from your camera that don’t look like the pictures you envisioned.  Many people just look at work that professionals do and say that it must be their camera.  It’s not.  Professionals don’t let the camera make many decisions for them.

Our instruction is based on a philosophy that the less decisions the camera makes, the more the photograph will turn out how you envisioned it.  We do this by splitting the learning up into 3 parts:

Private Lessons

This summer, we're giving private lessons for Photography (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced), Adobe CameraRAW, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS, Photoshop CC, Portrait Retouching, Portrait Restoring, on camera flash, off camera flash, and studio flash.  If you want to learn something about photography, let us know.  We can create a custom program for you.  We are goal oriented.  Send us an email.

Cultural Arts Council

The following classes are currently available through the CAC, Douglasville.  Please go to their website to register for these classes.

No Classes Schedule for Summer.  Check back in the Fall.

Sweetwater Camera Club

Keep updated with Sweetwater Camera Club field trips through  Most of the field trips will have some great photographers on hand to give instruction that follows the subjects of the field trip.